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Tue, May. 24th, 2005, 11:34 am
The Tops

As promised here are last years SnS Top Ten lists.

2004 Top Ten Comics

Eightball #23-Daniel Clowes
You Can't Get There From Here-Jason
Lost Buildings-Chris Ware & Ira Glass
Love & Rockets #12-Los Bros Hernandez
Optic Nerve #9-Adrian Tomine
McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern #13-Edited by Chris Ware
The Complete Penuts-Shultz/Seth 1950-54
In the Shadow of No Towers-Art Spiegleman
Be A Man-Jeffy Brown
Clyde Fan-Seth

2004 Top Ten Music

Peace Love Death Metal-Eagles of Death Metal
Book of Horizons-Secret Chiefs 3
Delìrium Cordìa-Fantômas
Margarine Eclipse- Stereolab
Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand
Sister Phantom Owl Fish-Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant
Pressure Chief-Cake
Virginal Co Ordinates-Eyvind Kang

2004 Top Ten Movies

The Incredibles
Spider-Man 2
Kill Bill, Volume 2
Fahrenheit 9/11
The Girl Next Door
Meet the Fockers
In Good Company

Some brief notes on recently consumed items AKA what I recall since the election.

Royal Tenembalms is one of my favorite films, simply for the dialogue. But it is truly great because of all other aspects as well. You name the element and I will express love for it. With Bill coming off another favorite, Lost in Translation I had high hopes. Oh the disappointment, oh poor poor Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It was all glitz and glamer. It was a Swiss cheese. I spent the whole time waiting to be convinced it was good… I am still waiting.

Sin City an excellent experiment in what would happen if we actually were faithful to the original in another medium. It highlighted the different elements between comics and film. I never laughed that hard while reading the comic. Over all it was a success. I would how ever like to express that it did not need the final chapter… it was done before the end. It was done before the sequels, which are coming down the pike as I write this.

Thank GOD AKA Lucas. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith was all I needed to have faith in the Force once more. For those who have known me since my first film watching experience Star Wars at Frank Londies Theater in Jackson Hole just before the age of 2, Star Wars was my primary interest till comics and music forced the trident of obsession. It was my childhood’s first true mythos. I played Star Wars before anything else. This film while flawed and easy to pick apart, does all that needs to be done to suspend disbelief and find that joy we all had before a more cynical time and before the horrors that were episode I and II. It answers questions and applies humor and violence in equal portion to reveal truths from a galaxy far, far away and deliver memorable lines we want to remember. I will view again and again without hesitation.

Mezmorize-System of a Down. With a highlight like B.Y.O.B. you can’t go wrong. Ironically, but guilt free dance in the desert to this album at Burning Man and bring your own beer.

Lullabies to Paralyze-Queens of the Stone Age. I was not sure what I thought of this album at first. Until the single Little Sister came on the radio and I said to Erin, “All I know is I need more Cow Bell.” She laughed. And the fallowing night as predicted Will Ferrow hosting SNL jump on stage with QOTSA and jammed with the Cow Bell just as he had obtusely and dangerously enthusiastically in one of SNL’s greatest moments the Christopher Walken “Cow Bell” demanding produced Blue Oyster Cult. A classic SNL moment. I have since been drawing to Lullabies almost the same way I did QOTSA’s second and third albums. I no longer care about the drama the band went through to make it.

General Patton vs The X-executioners is one of Mike Pattons best albums. As for the X-Men it is one of their greatest as well. Get Up Punk and L.O.L. are two of Patton’s greatest pop songs. The majority of the rest delivers diversity to its fullest. Go and enjoy this as much as you can.

Romances- Kaada / Patton did nothing for my romantic side. It may grow on me like Patton’s second solo album about food. But only time will tell. It is nice and all, but not something I would put at the top of the list if I was trying to showcase Patton to my friends.

I had barley any time to hear Fantômas- Suspended Animation when I was suddenly at the Fillmore watching Trevor Dunn’s Trio with my Brother guitarist Jordan Cohen and a friend. The guitarist, drummer and Trevor shredded on the Jazz riffs like no one I had seen since seeing Massada back in 1996. The Drummers kit was falling all over the place as he hammered with his scrawny Indy mop flying chaotically. He would reach over the top of the ride smashing the backside in precise craze. The guitarist an ordinary red head girl just stood there her arms shredding with such control that a picture would depict neither the jazz precision of the metal ethics of her playing, because you would see only an Indy girl playing without a care for anything, barley noticing her own skill. Trevor struggled to reach over the top of his base, his bow and base showed the eternal battle he has had with the mammoth. The set refined the vision of their album for me and that it is why it is one of last years best. It truly is solid progressive Jazz to be noted. Then came Hella a band I had little knowledge of, there for I was suspicious. In the end there was a cross over between rage against the machine and various 80’s elements that was being preformed by Jesus on guitar, a hairy AC/DC guitarist on drums and some nerdy Jewish afro kid in my sequential art class on keys and vocals. I think there was a bassist. This drummer was so fucking out there that he actually turned his Ride inside out. Jesus just raped his guitar the hole time. I don’t know if I liked a single song, but I was entertained and in awe most of the time. Then a drum off between the two other drummers and Dave Lambardo (Slayer, Fantomas) Wholly shit!!! Then Fantomas. Which was clearly the best part of the show. I truly enjoyed the album now, because of the show. It is short hard, fast, with small high lights of songs. Mixed in with every sound you loved as a kid.

Next to see: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I am lecturing for a high school drawing class in Colchester a week from Friday on cartooning. I will tell you about it after the event. It will give me taste of what I am getting myself into when I return to school to get my Art Education degree in a year plus. I am excited.


Fri, May. 27th, 2005 11:30 pm (UTC)
templeemc: Top Tens

Is that Ira Glass of 'This American Life' fame?
My curiosity is piqued!

SC3 (did you get that email I sent when I first found them?),Fantomas, and Bjork would all be on my top list too, as for the others I haven't been able to give them a listen, though your taste is impeccable, so I'm sure I'll dig. I'll add them to my 'to get' list.

Sideways, Kill Bill (both 1 & 2), Spidey & Hellboy would be on my list as well.
Anything by Michael Moore is of note, but doesn't quite make it (he's lost credibility with me since the 'Bowling for Columbine' fiasco).
Haven't had a chance to see the others.
I've liked 'Finding Neverland' and 'Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy', and if you're ever in the mood for foreign, 'The 5 Obstructions' and 'Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer... and Spring".
Gonna see Episode III this weekend and so far, based on everything my friends have said, I'm looking forward to it. Haven't seen 'The Life Aquatic' yet... hopefully I won't be as disappointed.
Have you seen 'I Heart Huckabees'? That's another that'd be on my list.
System of a Down is one of those bands I NEVER thought I would like (I sometimes reject things simply because the wrong people praise it and then find that trait in myself stupid later) that has now grown on me. A co-worker brought the latest into the shop last Monday and I REALLY DUG! I LOVE all the changes and like the more prevalent presence of the guitarist on vocals.
GOT to get my hands on more Patton stuff, after seeing him live I just can't get enough and I'm kicking myself for missing him every other time he's come by. I'd probably say the last Fantomas concert was one of the best shows I've EVER seen.
Been getting into a lot of other stuff through shop influences: Danzig, Misfits, Pantera, Tiger Army, Reverend Horton Heat, the Horrorpops, KMFDM, and the list goes on.
I'll let you go for now.
Take care.

Tue, May. 31st, 2005 12:35 pm (UTC)
stillnosound: Re: Top Tens

Have not seen Hitchhiker yet...errr.

I guess I forgot for some reason Finding Neverland came out last year. It may have made the list if I had remembered... not sure!?1 Have not herd of the 5 obstructions and only saw part of the seasons, it was nice.

I hart huckabees was predictable because of that existentialist class... I don't I thought it was well intended, but in the end pretty lame.

And yes it is that Ira Glass. He and Ware went on tour with a comic/radio stage lecture. The story is from an interview they had with a chicago architecture enthusiast, about another enthusiast. it was wonderful to see the lecture and speak with Ira and Chris afterwords (Sturm was there and involved as well, because he is white river which is right next to dartmouth.) any way the best thing though was the they storytelling a master of comics and a master of radio telling a tale of a man who seeked out to keep chicago's once most prominent architecture from dissapearing. I had special attachment to the tale because my family is from chicago and I new of the architect and what he once meant to the city. Plus my mom is an architect.

oh by the way I turn 30 today.

Tue, May. 31st, 2005 07:11 pm (UTC)
templeemc: Re: Top Tens

I was gonna wish you an early happy birthday, but I've been so hair-brained with quitting my other job that it slipped my mind Friday!
I hope you get the good time you deserve! I know I'm sure glad you're here (I'll have a drink for you tonight).
Oh, and good luck on that lecture! Those are so fun (got to do a lecture/demo last year at my old school)!

I think the beauty of I Heart Huckabees was the campiness, because it is all predictable to anyone whose contemplated this stuff at length.
It's more like a fun exercise than anything... and I'm a big fan of Dustin Hoffman.

I don't know if you've kept up at all with reading my journal, so just to give you a brief synopsis of the 5 obstructions:
A student (Lars Von Trier- director of such films as Europa (Zentropa) and Dancer in the Dark) proposes one of his film mentors, Jorgen Leth (filmmaker and Danish consul in Jacmel, Haiti), remake one of his previous films (The Perfect Human) in FIVE different ways, each with different sets of rules (hence the title). The goal was to stretch Jorgen as far as he could go, pushing him to failure to see if it was possible (with a different underlying, positive, personal goal I think).
Pretty impressive. I just love getting to see others' creative processes, see the gears turning.

Need to get my hands on "Lost Buildings"... I don't know how much a hand Ira has in his radio show, but if it's pretty much all him I love the way he spins a tale and I'm sure combining that with Ware must be impressive. Have you shown it to your mother?

James Vining is halfway through pencilling his first graphic novella. I'm really excited for him! He'll be finishing it up as he goes to school in Indiana with Durwin to get his master's in Visual Communication (something I've been pondering).

I'll be starting some work here soon on my own book... now that I'm quitting my other job I'm feeling that I'll REALLY be able to get the ball rolling!

How're you feeling now that you're married, well into your adulthood and lookin' down the road at all the possibilities for your future?
What have you gone through during the last few years, mentally, artistically?
I feel like I've done a 180 and wish I hadn't wasted so much time on negativity.