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Mon, Oct. 4th, 2004, 10:48 am
The Websight Breeds Life

A few of the kinks have been worked out and as soon as some personal things get squared away I will be producing new work that will appear monthly perhaps even weekly at www.stillnosound.com. I will also finish up loading specially selected work that will date back to the time when I was a wee little tike. This should serve as a unique view into the development of a cartoonist. Some work in the past and in the future are for adults only and will be marked appropriately.

New work will usually come in one page comic installments, but also include freelance work and sketches. All comic work may eventually see the printed page in art book collectors additions. The design, print quality and extras will be held to very high standard. Don’t expect this until a volume of work deserving of such treatment is presented here at stillnosound.com.

Given that there is no upfront cost for the service I am providing, that there will be no actual comic books for sale (except copies still available of Ordinary Betty and Ted the Milkman) and no advertising dollars are coming in as of yet I ask for you help on two fronts. I would love for you to spread the word and view this page as often as you find it engaging. I also am accepting donations and will soon have available pay pal or some such so you can do that through the website. If you wish to send a donation through snail mail e-mail me and I will let you know how to accomplish this. Most of all I just want people to see my work so enjoy with no obligation required.

Hear are a few working titles of near future one pager comics to look forward to (Some are appearing here in this format instead of book for as promised at the end of Betty and Ted):

Incus Origin and Fall: Granddad Changes Carriers

Death of Ordinary Betty: True Ghosts of Savannah

Annana Kidwell Settles East: Reality TV V Extreme Sports

K.C. Anvil V Mama Mayor: A Reporters Honesty in Light of Super Cheese

A Series of Reflections on the Comics Biz: A Textbook for Cartoonist in Comic Form

Mama Mayor, Teacher Pet and Anana Kidwell: A Love Triangle

The Art of Mike Patton: An Obsessives Perspective

Failure in Investigative Cartooning: Search for and Arizona Inmate or a Story
Sterns Rat Tale: F the FCC

"A Connection Piece: C. Ware, I. Glass, M. Jones, E.E. Crandall, B Cohen, J. Sturm, Tim and Richard Share a Moment

The last is in response to a Lecture/Performance by Ira Glass and Chris Ware I saw this past weekend at Dartmouth. I recommend it should it come to a town near you.

Be Well Earthlings.

Wed, Oct. 6th, 2004 04:50 pm (UTC)

Hey, are you still doing cafe press?
If you can get stuff in 2x or 3x I'm DEFINITELY buyin!!!
I need to get my friends and I hooked up with some groovy STILLNOSOUND wear...

Mon, Oct. 11th, 2004 05:31 am (UTC)

I have some 2x stuff, but it cost extra... not my call. the link is right next to the blog. shopsns

enjoy the updated stillnosound.com

later mang